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SS’s intelligent consolidation services provide a solution for airport growth that address the many competing challenges airports face today. For many years now, most major airports across the country have reached or exceeded their planned passenger capacity. As these airports continue to grow, designers and engineers look for ways to expand their capacity for increased air traffic and passenger capacity while not losing control of mandated security measures. At the same time, residents and businesses in the vicinity of these airports demand less congestion, pollution and noise. Our efforts go a long way towards meeting both sides of these objectives.


When DSS manages your shuttle services, you will experience a reduced workload while enhancing your company’s competitive advantage, by taking a leadership role in environmental corporate citizenship. Recent surveys taken on behalf of leading hotel chains, including the Hilton, the Westin, the Marriott, the Radisson, the Crown Plaza, the Renaissance and many others tell the story. When guests selecting these hotels for their accommodations were questioned about the importance of proactive environmental actions, more than 86% said it is important for hotels to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases; 84% said they are willing to support actions that may impact their personal travel; and 79% said reducing dependence on foreign oil is critical.

Consolidating shuttle services is a tangible, cost effective and highly visible action that will show that you care and that you are willing to lead in these efforts.


Because of the extreme competition faced by commercial parking lots, it is essential that the shuttle service you use is efficient and cost effective. DSS will do an assessment to make sure you’re using the appropriate fleet size and consolidation methods for your needs, ideally reducing your costs at the same time.




Many companies support flex hours, encourage carpooling, and may even provide economic support for VanPools. But as transportation costs rise, such options become limited.

DSS has ideas that provide transportation solutions for your workforce, such as employer/employee supported Park-n-Ride, Flex-Car motorpools, and Remote Work Centers, to name a few. We’ll consult with you about your specific needs and develop a plan that fits within your budget.

  Community shuttle systems reduce peak hour traffic and simplify the lives of travelers and employees while generating higher revenues for local businesses. DSS allow you to provide the most appropriate type of shuttle services to your guests in the most efficient way possible.

Your own employees can also benefit from shuttle services during business hours, allowing them to cross town for lunch, shop and conduct personal business without having to use their own vehicles. Such services can even enable certain employees to commute via a mass transit system (instead of via their own car) when the location of the mass transit destination would otherwise be too far away from the workplace.

A community shuttle system would not only reduce peak hour traffic and simplify the lives of travelers and employees, but it would help generate higher revenues for local businesses as well.

The airline crew transportation industry is extremely time sensitive, and DSS is able to meet the demand. Our bus fleet provides flexibility should flights arrive early or late, and our 24-hour dispatch center accommodates person-to-person communication for schedule changes, up-dates and planning.


Event Transportation Associates


Major Events Conventions • Corporate
Event Transportation Associates, ETA, is among only a handful of companies skilled in providing transportation consulting services for special events. Whether you are an organizer of a convention or the owner of an event facility, ETA can assist you with efficient, cost effective solutions.

ETA stands above the competition with the depth and breadth of proven event experience. ETA provides efficient, cost effective solutions to our clients needs while maintaining a high level of customer service to ensure future opportunities.

Let ETA coordinate all of your transportation needs from motor-pool, shuttling, airport meet and greet and VIP transfers so you can manage the logistics inside the event.
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