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Our Methods Include:
Trip Reduction Modeling - Through a custom designed software DSS has developed internally, we can determine the highs and lows of passenger transportation needs throughout the day. This lets us know when to send more or less buses, streamlining costs, road congestion and emissions waste.  
Maximum Capacity Utilization – Once we determine the number of travelers at a hotel, and how many people we’ll move a day, we can arrange for the best size bus and the ideal number of them to use per day. As with Trip Reduction Modeling, the goal here is to minimize the number of trips so as to lower costs, road congestion and emissions.  
Alternative Fuels – By using the most appropriate alternative fuels for the vehicles that best serve your business, we can lower toxicity levels in the air while providing efficient service.  



  To continue to reach our high standards for efficient, environmentally sound transportation solutions, we have to always be thinking ahead. We implement the most innovative approaches and design them to be flexible for continuous upgrades. Our products and methods include real time GPS vehicle location with the display of "your bus" on public information kiosks, at bus stops and load zones; transit style vehicle signage; and audio announcement systems combined with software designed by DSS to manage every vehicle each minute of every day.

Using these tools, we can predict and often even “intercept” trends before our competitors catch on. Currently we’re inventing intelligent wayfinding for airports that will inform travelers, in real time, about service delivery. This includes buses "talking" to load zones as they travel through terminals.

To ensure that no trip is made unless it serves a traveler, we are evaluating interactive consoles for travelers that allow them to tell the bus system where they are and where they want to go automatically. We are also in the process of developing hand held devices, much like smart phones, that will display GPS vehicle location so that you know where your bus is while it is on transit to you.

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