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  Efficient, Cost-Effective, “Intelligent” and Environmentally Sensitive Shuttle Bus Services:  

DSS is not just another private shuttle company. We are about more than simply getting people from one place to another. We are about efficient, environmentally sensitive transportation that relieves on-road congestion, reduces trips and fuel usage, and provides a high level of convenience for customers.

DSS achieves these high standards through what we like to call "Intelligent Consolidation". We take consolidation, the process of combining multiple private passenger shuttle systems into a single operation, several steps further. Intelligent consolidation factors inenvironmental preservation as well as the ease and efficiency of use for both clients and their customers.

By relying on us for your shuttle services, you can:
Reduce your operating costs with a more cost-effective, efficient system.
Eliminate further capital costs and modernize your existing fleet.
Add state of the art technology, along with GPS, to improve operating performance standards and to enhance the ridership experience.
Eliminate your financial responsibility for costly property damage claims, passenger injury claims and employee claims by outsourcing.
Promote your sustainability goals by reducing trips, mileage, and noxious emissions.







Award Winning Technology:
Award winning technology (APEX award 2011) and hospitality-style driver training, provides better service and an enhanced ridership experience.  The deployment of a GPS enable digital signage network throughout the 34 buses and 13 hotels within the LAX both informs and engages both departing and arriving passengers with relevant hotel and airport information, as well as advertisements.  The system not only tells DSS staff where the bus is and it’s status, but waiting passengers can also use the kiosks to know where the bus is and when it will next arrive in real time.

Cleaner, Clearer Air:
In 2000, the City of LA was looking for a trip reduction solution to and from LAX that would not only reduce congestion and emissions but be efficient and convenient for passengers. Inspired by the challenge, DSS responded by creating the first of its kind private “green” transit system in Los Angeles. This system initially consolidated the airport shuttle services of nine individual hotel properties in the area. This first phase of consolidation eliminated more than 600,000 miles of vehicle traffic from LAX by cutting out more than 146,000 vehicle trips annually.

Currently DSS provides hotel shuttle services to and from LAX for 13 hotels in the area. Since we’ve been providing shuttle services to these hotels, our consolidation services have eliminated over 100,000 hours each year of idling buses that spewed pollution inside and outside the terminals. We’ve been delivering service to more than 2,220,000 passengers yearly, and more than 1,000,000 total miles of vehicle traffic has been eliminated from the streets in and near LAX. This has reduced approximately 195,000 bus trips, 227,500 gallons of gasoline usage, and over 4,000,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.


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